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My outfit December 14, 2006

Posted by RegiVizz in Clothes, Fitness, Running, Shoes.

Did I really just type that title?  Geez…what am I turning into…a GIRL?  🙂

This afternoon I’m running in a $200 outfit (shoes included).  Yes.  Me.  Moi.  The chick who won’t even contemplate spending HALF that much on a “normal” outfit (shoes included!).  I’m hoping that the Nike Dri-fit shirt and capris have wings on them to help me fly.  I should expect that at the very least, eh? 

I’ve always been a cotton t-shirt and shorts kind of a runner.  Nothing fancy for me, no way.  I have found, however, that cotton gets wet.  And cold.  And uncomfortable. 

What thinkest thou?  Am I crazy for buying “running clothes”?

Asics: 17 miles this week, 33 miles total

Idiots or Die Hards? December 8, 2006

Posted by RegiVizz in Clothes, Fitness, Running.

It was 34 degrees when Moni and I started out for our run yesterday.  The wind was (surprisingly) out of the South and (not surprisingly) somewhat fierce.

There were only about 5 other people who were dumb or die hard enough to be out there in that kind of weather!

I did, however, run a decent 4 miles.  Yes, I’m a turtle, averaging 9:47/mile.  I debated long and hard on posting my times since they are somewhat embarassing, but maybe that’ll help me run faster!  🙂

It was 29 degrees when we finished our run.  Runners store, here I come for some more efficient layering!

Asics: 16 miles this week, 16 miles total for this pair.