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Advice? March 19, 2007

Posted by RegiVizz in Fitness, Injury, Other Runners, Running.

Fellow runners; someone needs our help!  Connie left this message on my “Worth. Less.” post with the following question:

“Dear runners,

I get severe stomach cramps after my long runs. Today I ran in my first half marathon (it was GREAT!!!!); however, my stomach has cramped off and on ever since. I drink lots of water…I just do not know what causes this. I am training for the marathon, and I just hope that my stomach will not start hurting before I actually finish the race. Any suggestions would be very appreciated.

Many thanks!”

 My question for Connie is this: what are you drinking during your run, how much, and how often?  Also, are you “eating” Gu or any other type of performance food?  Hopefully with some more info we can answer the question better.  Do any of y’all experience anything like this?


Training update February 19, 2007

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Ten weeks to go and the miles are piling up! 

Thirteen was the magic number on Saturday.  Thirteen very windy and very cold miles.  Twenty mile an hour winds with gusts up to double that and a chilly 34 degrees!  As I heard someone comment, it didn’t seem to matter which way you turned, the wind was always against you, sometimes even blowing a lifted foot into a leg!

I’m fortunate in the fact that the OKC running club, OKC Landrunners, host free marathon training runs in preparation for the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon.  “The Runner” so helpfully provides water stops, and the camaraderie is a great incentive to get out there and run a set mileage.  They run on Saturday or Sunday mornings, Sundays if there is a major race on Saturday.  I’ve been wanting to get in on the runs, but either because I was out of town, or because the runs were on Sunday, I have missed all of them prior to this last Saturday.  As I was a new runner in the training group, I’m even in the picture on their website!  🙂 

New Developments! January 8, 2007

Posted by RegiVizz in Fitness, Marathon, Motivation, Other Runners, Running.

I’m so excited to find that OKC has a training group for the April 29th marathon.  I’ll be running with them every Saturday morning at 8 as long as I’m here in town! 

Although I’ve done 10 mile runs without the benefit of either water or camaraderie, I was dreading the longer runs by myself.  A local running shop “The Runner” is coordinating water stops for our Saturday morning runs and they anticipate between 40 and 100 people to show up (based on the previous years).  This will definitely be a help and encouragement for the long runs.

I had a nice 7 miler on Saturday, averaging a little under 9.5 minutes per mile.

Asics: 7 so far this week, 79 total

Marathons are hard December 12, 2006

Posted by RegiVizz in Fitness, Marathon, Other Runners, Race, Running.

It’s race reports like this one that make me both nervous and hopeful about running a marathon.  I’ve been doing a pretty fine job with sticking to my training, so I hope I’ll be ready.  My goal: to finish.  That’s all I want to do is finish. 

Fortunately I’ll have NordicTwin (he’s the silent blogger on this site!) dragging me along behind him for the duration of the run.  I can just see us at mile 22…

NordicTwin: Only 4 more miles!  Let’s sprint to the finish line!

Me: uugnnghhhhh.

NordicTwin: You’re doing great!  Lift your knees a little higher so they aren’t scraping the ground as you crawl!

Me: uunngggghhhh.

NordicTwin:  Here, I’ll just jog circles around you to keep you encouraged!

Me: uunngh