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Hiatus June 5, 2007

Posted by RegiVizz in Fitness, Injury, Marathon, Marathon training, Race, Running.
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I’ve taken a plunge away from wordpress and into Konamoxt.   I’ve imported all of my old posts from this blog and onto my new one which is located HERE.  I’ll copy all of my posts to this blog for a while, but the other is great because it keeps a training log as well as being connected to tons of fitness/running blogs.

I’m taking a brief hiatus from running and pretty much all other physical activity due to a back injury.  Hopefully I’ll recover soon and be back out on the trails!  I must say, I’m going STIR CRAZY!  What do you do when you can’t run?  Any suggestions?  I do some weight lifting but (incredible as it is to comprehend) I don’t have a gym membership.

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I’m a broken man! May 9, 2007

Posted by nordictwin in Marathon, Marathon training, Running.

I recently ( with Regina’s help ) finished my first marathon.  No one told me they were hazardous to your health!   As my body slowly recovers,  I wonder when do you start running again?  How much and how often do you train for maintainence?  Anyone know of a downhill Saturday marathon coming up this fall?

Hello stranger! April 11, 2007

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I know, I know…I’ve been a slacker when it comes to updating my blog recently.  In the past several weeks I’ve spent very few days at home.  A trip to Reno/Tahoe area to visit my sister, which included a lovely run at the Kirkwood ski resort as well as some good “working out” time spent on the treadmill and elliptical (I love those things!).  It’s always fun to run in new places, see some new scenery and die from the lack of oxygen in the air!  Who knew that running at 7,800 feet would be so hard!  Okay, well I knew it would be harder, but man, I was sore for DAYS after a little 6 mile run!

After that trip, I headed out to Washington DC to see the cherry blossom trees in full bloom.  The trees weren’t the only thing blooming, my new relationship was as well!  😉  Besides the miles and miles of walking to see the sights, Chris took me on a run along some of the trails there in DC. 

Next stop was central Texas, and my friend Mark came along with me on a 4 mile run in the dark (it was 6 AM), cold (40 degrees) and wet (it was drizzling). 

So although I haven’t been getting in my daily training runs, and even fewer long training runs, I’m still feeling fairly good about the upcoming marathon which takes place in 18 days.  Eeek.  Only 18 days?!? 

Luckily my new shoes (Saucony ProGrid Hurricane 9) are broken in and feeling quite fine and I’m not having any problems with the top of my left foot anymore. 

18 days and counting down!

Beacon on the Bay, 25K March 12, 2007

Posted by RegiVizz in Marathon training, Race, Running.

copy-of-dsc00901.JPGLast Saturday was the race out at Lake Hefner, a 25 K (that’s 15.5 miles for you non-runners)!

Before the run, I figured that I’d come in at about the 2.5 hour mark.  Sure enough, actual time was 2:33:44, coming in 50th of 96 females with a 9:55/mile.   I was able to finish strong with a decent sprint, but I’m afraid I need to start breaking in a new pair of shoes!  My knees and hips are hurting a lot more than normal, so it’ll be off to The Runner some time this week for me!

Most of the run I was along side of Prabhu, whom I ran with out at Lake Overholser a couple of weeks ago.  We’re fairly evenly matched and ran side by side for almost the entire race.  He most likely helped me decrease my time, as we didn’t walk at all until after we passed the 20K mark.  In all actuality, the help was likely mutual, as I provided him with my extra Gu pack as well as incentive to outlast a girl!  -)

We started off at 9 AM, a beautiful day for running.  Not very windy (can you believe it!?!) and a bright clear sky.  A little chilly to begin the race, but that’s fine with me as it warmed up to a very comfortable 70 degrees or so.  Since the sun was shining, I got a 2.5 hour tan so my legs aren’t quite as pasty white as they show in this first picture (it’s amazing what 2.5 hours in the sun can do for your complextion)! 


Since it’s been so very very dry here in Oklahoma, you’ll see red dirt instead of water as the background in the picture of Prabhu and me.  Under normal circumstances it’s a pretty place to run, but this photo doesn’t quite capture that!

And here I am at the finish, gulping water after inhaling a banana… (more…)

16 Miles = 25.749504 Kilometers February 26, 2007

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Whate’er the conversion may be, it’s the farthest this chick has ever run.

okcponybridge.jpgOnce again, 22 mph winds with gusts over 30. At least the temperature was comfortable and the sun was shining! All in all a tremendous morning out at Lake Overholser. According to the OKC Landrunners, there were about 80 people out on Saturday morning! A nice large group with plenty of encouragement, water, photo-ops (There I am in my Frigid Five shirt crossing the bridge with my eyes closed. Who needs to see where they’re going anyways? I’m also helping myself to some water at the end of the 16 miles…that’s me with the long braid) and even some delicious homemade pumpkin bread and some mini-muffins at the end of the run.

We crossed over a historic Route 66 truss bridge as we rounded the north side of the lake while the photographer snapped our pictures.

As the first lap around the lake ended, I walked through water stop #3, chugged down a cup of water, took a deep breath and miraculously felt like I was just starting out. Maybe it was purely psychological, but it felt not like I was starting a second lap and had already run 8 miles, but like I was starting fresh, on mile one! At mile 11 I met Prabhu, who was a great help in keeping me going for the last 6 miles.  He was a wonderful help!

Next Saturday is the Deer Creek Classic, so the 12 mile training run is on Sunday.  Sundays are my “church-goin’ days” so I don’t run the Sunday training runs, but before the run on Sunday, one of the marathoners will be giving some training tips.  I think I’ll do 12 by myself on Saturday and squeeze in 3 or 4 Sunday morning, after listening to the training tips, before starting my Sunday.