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I’d forgotten August 13, 2007

Posted by RegiVizz in Running.

But I remember now…

How amazing it feels to get out and run at dawn’s first light.

The tautness of my muscles during the beginning of my pre-run stretch.

The smell of the dirt beneath my shoes and the water in the creek.

The crunch of decaying leaves scattered on the ground.

The sound of nature waking up under the canopy of trees.

The rays of the sun streaming through the branches and landing on the root-crossed trail.

The desire to beat the “I can’t go any farther” attitude one stride at a time.

The thrill of running right past the two “wimp-out” trail exits.

The gratification of arriving at the finish.



1. grinnbearit - August 18, 2007

YAy! you’re back! How was the haitus?

2. denmark98 - February 9, 2008

How amazing it feels to get out and run at dawn’s first light.–I miss this! Since having the 2nd kid there has been no morning runs :-(, unless I want to get up at 04:30 and that is hard. I use to see sunrises in Manhattan, that was awesome.

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