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Advice? March 19, 2007

Posted by RegiVizz in Fitness, Injury, Other Runners, Running.

Fellow runners; someone needs our help!  Connie left this message on my “Worth. Less.” post with the following question:

“Dear runners,

I get severe stomach cramps after my long runs. Today I ran in my first half marathon (it was GREAT!!!!); however, my stomach has cramped off and on ever since. I drink lots of water…I just do not know what causes this. I am training for the marathon, and I just hope that my stomach will not start hurting before I actually finish the race. Any suggestions would be very appreciated.

Many thanks!”

 My question for Connie is this: what are you drinking during your run, how much, and how often?  Also, are you “eating” Gu or any other type of performance food?  Hopefully with some more info we can answer the question better.  Do any of y’all experience anything like this?



1. noelryan - March 19, 2007

First thought – dehydration. Just not drinking enough water.

Second thought (and probably way off-beam) – Irritable Bowel, Crohns or Ulcerative Colitis. All that jigging around of the internals whilst running can cause all sorts of irritation with bowels, leading to cramps as the muscles over-react and contract hard. Hope it’s the first one.

2. Rahim Rahman - March 23, 2007

My stomach cramped bad during the first 2 marathons because I took Powerbar Gel 2x Caffeine. So, if she took gel, her stomach might not like caffeine during a strenous exercise.

3. grinnbearit - March 25, 2007

my stomach ALWAYS has a terrible reaction to caffeine if i’ve had any within about four hours of running. I’m no pro marathoner, but i’d suggest scaling down the substance intake besides water, eating plenty of carbs when you’re at rest, and slowly letting your body adjust to any new foods, gels, or liquids.

4. lsabin - March 28, 2007

I sometimes feel nauseous or cramping after running long, or intensly. I recommend ingesting simple carboydrate within the first half hour after the race.

I studied nutrition at Ashmead, when I was working towards getting certified as a personal trainer. Emily Edison, MS. RD, my nutrition instructor says that you should ingest .5 grams of carbohydrate per body weight. For a 130 lb person that would be 65 grams of carboyhdrate, which would be about 260 calories. 2 hours later ingest another 260 calories.

What works for me is a power bar or endurox sports drink.

5. Natalie - April 17, 2007

i haven’t heard of this page but i am a student of Mrs. Vermeulen and i LOVE 2 run 2!! well i’m just stopping by to say hello and keep up the AWESOME work!!!!!!!!!!

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