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Better run February 7, 2007

Posted by RegiVizz in Fitness, Race, Running.

Monday, a beautiful day for a run (58 for the high) was indeed just that.  Working on speed, I only did 3 miles, an out and back, racing myself back.  I beat my out by 30 seconds, with my best mile at 8:37 and an average for the 3 of 9:13.  Most importantly, I felt great. 

Thanks to all who commented on my “Worthless” blog.  There are a couple of issues I need to address, most importantly, properly fueling up for and during my run.  On my last 10 miler, I did have water at 3 and 6, but that was it.  Next time I’ll drop a water/Gatorademix or use nuun (which sounds pretty perfect…thanks zappoman!) instead of plain water.   Zippered pockets are a great way to hold onto gel packets, so I’ll remember that next time.  I guess I just need to spend a little more time practicing eating!  Bananas are now on my grocery list, a perfect compliment to chocolate milk!

I’ll also skip the hot shower/hot bath one-two punch combo that I went with on Saturday.  As my blood pressure is normally quite low (60/40 the last time I saw the doc) the hot bath was a really bad idea (but it felt so good!).

This week will be sort of an “off” week with the 3 mile “speed” run I did Monday, a root canal on Tuesday (instead of a scheduled 7 miler), a possible 4 miler tomorrow and the “Frigid Five” on Saturday.  Hopefully next week will be better!



1. Eric - February 7, 2007


You’re like half dead!

2. RegiVizz - February 7, 2007

I know! The doctor was stunned and took it twice. I asked if it was a problem and she said no, as long as I felt okay…hopefully that’s true!

3. Eric - February 7, 2007

I have a feeling this is why you had issues last time you ran. It’s probably hypotension.


4. Eric - February 7, 2007

Actually I have no clue. And I don’t have anything like that kind of problem, I eat enough red meat that mine stays pressurized nicely.

5. Phil Sabin - February 9, 2007

Zappoman turned me onto nuun as well. Now I never work out without using it.


6. grinnbearit - February 10, 2007

Have you ever considered having your thyroid checked? Thyroid issues run in my family and if you have hypothyroidism it can cause you to be more lethargic than normal with a very low blood pressure and just plain beat. Trust me, I know.

7. Eric - February 11, 2007

How was the Frigid 5?

8. Eric - February 11, 2007

You did the same pace as I did on my 10k, you copycat.

If anybody else wants to be nosey, here it is:


9. RegiVizz - February 12, 2007

Thanks Eric!

10. karlmccracken - February 12, 2007

Hi –
Phil’s wife, Lisa has a great table on her blog (Boston Marathon or Bust) about how much fluids / food is required for different times (and so, distances) of exercise.

Glad you had a better time of it on this one.

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