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My outfit December 14, 2006

Posted by RegiVizz in Clothes, Fitness, Running, Shoes.

Did I really just type that title?  Geez…what am I turning into…a GIRL?  🙂

This afternoon I’m running in a $200 outfit (shoes included).  Yes.  Me.  Moi.  The chick who won’t even contemplate spending HALF that much on a “normal” outfit (shoes included!).  I’m hoping that the Nike Dri-fit shirt and capris have wings on them to help me fly.  I should expect that at the very least, eh? 

I’ve always been a cotton t-shirt and shorts kind of a runner.  Nothing fancy for me, no way.  I have found, however, that cotton gets wet.  And cold.  And uncomfortable. 

What thinkest thou?  Am I crazy for buying “running clothes”?

Asics: 17 miles this week, 33 miles total



1. Rahim Rahman - December 14, 2006

WOW! $200? I guess if I tally the actual retail value of my running outfit (shoes included), they’re probably about that much. Plus $50 more during winter time. But I paid everything (including shoes) at super discounted price.

It’s 60F in Denver today. I’ll be doing my 5 miles with a cotton t-shirt that I got for free, $12 NB running shorts, $50 pair of Asics shoes, $20 running hat and a $5 socks.

Once you start running further and further, proper running outfit helps making running more comfortable (wicking sweat off, not chafing your skins etc.). So, nope, you’re not crazy for buying “running clothes.”

Oh… if you count my orthotics as part of my running outfit, then I’m plus another $450. Ipod? GPS watch?

2. Damon - December 14, 2006

let me see……

i have my 130 dollar shoes……..my 10 dollar sweat wicking shirt…….my 10 dollar shorts…….my 200 dollar heart rate monitor……(not actually mine. i’m borrowing it)……my 150 dollar Sansa music player……hmm……..what else……

Oh….my 300 dollar diamond studded gold plated underwear.

lest we forget. =)

3. Damon - December 14, 2006

Nothin wrong with being a girl from time to time! Just dont make it a habit. =)

4. John Rankin - December 14, 2006

$120 Asics here (worth it since they are a huge – no, make that HUGE – improvement over my prior Brooksian nightmares). No cotton shirts for me – too much chafing when I, err… perspire. Wicking base layer, incl tights. waterproof shell jacket is a MUST in the Pac NW… and I gotta have my Wright Socks. Hmmmm…. I never priced my running stuff, but now I think on it, I should stop complaining about the price of gas 🙂

Imagining the discomfort of the diamonds in Damon’s underwear…. yowzer !

5. Monica - December 14, 2006

I think my four sports bras I wore the other day on our run added up to at least $200! You need a little pampering every now and then!

6. I can’t wait to get out running again! « ZappoMan - Fitness Blog - December 14, 2006

[…] I keep reading blogs from John Rankin, RegiVizz, trifrog, noelryan, grinnbearit, and Rahim Rahman, and I am going crazy being cooped up not able to run. I have to imagine the joy of running vicariously through you all, so keep running! […]

7. Damon - December 15, 2006

Four Sports Bra’s? I was gonna ask why…….but……nevermind.

8. grinnbearit - December 18, 2006

You’re not crazy. You’re my INSPIRATION. I think I could handle spending $200 on running gear…completely justified by my discipline to be the best I can be at such a healthy, positive pasttime.

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