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Marathons are hard December 12, 2006

Posted by RegiVizz in Fitness, Marathon, Other Runners, Race, Running.

It’s race reports like this one that make me both nervous and hopeful about running a marathon.  I’ve been doing a pretty fine job with sticking to my training, so I hope I’ll be ready.  My goal: to finish.  That’s all I want to do is finish. 

Fortunately I’ll have NordicTwin (he’s the silent blogger on this site!) dragging me along behind him for the duration of the run.  I can just see us at mile 22…

NordicTwin: Only 4 more miles!  Let’s sprint to the finish line!

Me: uugnnghhhhh.

NordicTwin: You’re doing great!  Lift your knees a little higher so they aren’t scraping the ground as you crawl!

Me: uunngggghhhh.

NordicTwin:  Here, I’ll just jog circles around you to keep you encouraged!

Me: uunngh



1. ariak - December 12, 2006

hey RegiVizz – great site!

didn’t mean to scare ya. just don’t go out (1) inexplicably fast and/or (2) train minimally, and you’ll do great!

thanks for reading and best of luck!


2. Damon - December 12, 2006


3. Bri - December 14, 2006

Hi- so I heard about this running thing from Damon (the blog, that is, not the concept of running . . . ) and it is a great way to stay motivated. anyway, i wanted to wish you luck on your training for the marathon, and by the way DAMON YOU BETTER BE TRAINING HARD!!!!! – that was supposed to sound threatening. and i was wondering what in the world is a NordicTwin?

4. John Rankin - December 14, 2006

By the way, my plan is to travel out to New Jersey/Delaware to run either/both those marathons at the end of April. My alt plan was to do the OKC marathon. Just depends on airline rewards availability… Ages since I was in OKC so it’d be a nice trip down memory lane.

5. Wu - December 19, 2006

Don’t worry too much. You’ll do fine. After far less than optimal training, a few sidetracks and a horrible race, this year’s Seattle was one I’d soon forget. Read more at http://www.wuwei.ca/journal/2006/11/27/marathon-weekend-from-hell/

But, I’m not too worried about that many more marathons. Sticking to the shorter stuff until I think I can get my speed back a bit.

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