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Nice Run December 26, 2006

Posted by RegiVizz in Fitness, Running.

Saturday was a nine-miler.  It was a little windy, but I felt GREAT for the first 7.  The last two I struggled with a bit, but all in all it was a wonderful run.  Because it was such a great run, I was really looking forward to my run yesterday (Monday) because I knew it would be a simple 3 miles.  Was I ever wrong!

I decided to run my dirt trails instead of running out at the lake so I laced up my Rykas and away I went.  I forgot how much harder it is to do the hills and the sharp turns.  It definately slowed me down and shortened my stride.  I did, however, appreciate being out in the trees and listening to the birds fussing, the squirrells darting to and fro and the wind blowing the leaves!

 Asics: 13 so far this week, 50 total

Rykas: 400 plus, +3


Being “In the Zone” December 22, 2006

Posted by RegiVizz in Fitness, Running.

There’s really nothing quite like it.

Had a full week already passed since my last run?  If felt like longer, and as I set out, mixed feelings set in.  I was dreading the 4 miler; I was looking forward to it.  The wind was fierce and I was a bit under-layered for the chill in the air.

Mile one…was it over already?  Mile two…shoulders are loose, feeling great.  Mile three…totally completely in the zone.  Lovin’ it.  Mile four…I’ve usually stopped to walk for a count of 5 or so by now, but still going strong. 

I finished mile four 10 seconds quicker than I did mile one!

Still dealing with a bit of a sore throat and now a bit of a cough, but I’m looking forward to my nine on Saturday!

Asics: 4 miles this week, 37 total

Sick December 19, 2006

Posted by RegiVizz in Fitness, Running.
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My last run was Thursday.  It seems like a year ago!

I started getting a sore throat Friday night and by Saturday morning I had my own little bonfire in the back of my throat.  At first I was afraid it was strep throat, but now I’ve decided it’s probably my tonsils giving me problems again.  I need to get them out!  Today I’m still a bit under the weather, the throat is still really sore and now the drainage and coughing is getting a bit worse (ack…I just sneezed too!).  But…the good news is that I feel a lot better!

I hope to get out and run Thursday which means I’ll still need to “make up” a week in my marathon training!  I’ll follow the advice given me by NordicTwin…hot soup and cold gummies.  Maybe that’ll make me feel good again!

New trail December 15, 2006

Posted by RegiVizz in Fitness, Running, Trails.

I did four miles on a new trail here in the city!  The city recently put in this nice trail along the river, which is great except for the fact that hardly anyone goes out there yet, and it’s a bit in the ghetto.  But it is a few blocks away from work, so I have an extra half hour of run-time before the sun sets.

Thank you sir for dropping trou right there under the Robinson St. overpass.  I know you probably really had to take a whiz and your tire seemed so very right, but really, as I came over the hill, all I could think was that it was so very very wrong.

And Mr. Homeless guy, thanks for making me feel like I was running right through your living room.  No, you didn’t have to say a word, but the look you gave me….

And to the police on horseback that are supposed to be out there (some days?  some evenings?  maybe sometime next year?), it sure would have made me feel just a tiny bit better if one of you would have made your presence known.  Yes, even if it would have been on the other side of the river.

I think, just maybe, that I’ll forget about that extra half-hour of run time.

My outfit December 14, 2006

Posted by RegiVizz in Clothes, Fitness, Running, Shoes.

Did I really just type that title?  Geez…what am I turning into…a GIRL?  🙂

This afternoon I’m running in a $200 outfit (shoes included).  Yes.  Me.  Moi.  The chick who won’t even contemplate spending HALF that much on a “normal” outfit (shoes included!).  I’m hoping that the Nike Dri-fit shirt and capris have wings on them to help me fly.  I should expect that at the very least, eh? 

I’ve always been a cotton t-shirt and shorts kind of a runner.  Nothing fancy for me, no way.  I have found, however, that cotton gets wet.  And cold.  And uncomfortable. 

What thinkest thou?  Am I crazy for buying “running clothes”?

Asics: 17 miles this week, 33 miles total

Marathons are hard December 12, 2006

Posted by RegiVizz in Fitness, Marathon, Other Runners, Race, Running.

It’s race reports like this one that make me both nervous and hopeful about running a marathon.  I’ve been doing a pretty fine job with sticking to my training, so I hope I’ll be ready.  My goal: to finish.  That’s all I want to do is finish. 

Fortunately I’ll have NordicTwin (he’s the silent blogger on this site!) dragging me along behind him for the duration of the run.  I can just see us at mile 22…

NordicTwin: Only 4 more miles!  Let’s sprint to the finish line!

Me: uugnnghhhhh.

NordicTwin: You’re doing great!  Lift your knees a little higher so they aren’t scraping the ground as you crawl!

Me: uunngggghhhh.

NordicTwin:  Here, I’ll just jog circles around you to keep you encouraged!

Me: uunngh

Try This Link Out!! December 8, 2006

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Regina is definately my running motivator, but so is the idea of helping out in a very worth cause.

Fortunately for you, you can help out as well, without actually having to run!

Donate now! Every dollar helps!


Walk….er…RunAmerica December 8, 2006

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It’s started!  I was amazed at my success last year, thanks to my wonderful friends, family and acquaintances, and I’m hoping that this year will be just as great!  Actually, it’ll be better because I’m hoping to have some friend(s) run with me this year!

Please click HERE to see what’s going on!

Idiots or Die Hards? December 8, 2006

Posted by RegiVizz in Clothes, Fitness, Running.

It was 34 degrees when Moni and I started out for our run yesterday.  The wind was (surprisingly) out of the South and (not surprisingly) somewhat fierce.

There were only about 5 other people who were dumb or die hard enough to be out there in that kind of weather!

I did, however, run a decent 4 miles.  Yes, I’m a turtle, averaging 9:47/mile.  I debated long and hard on posting my times since they are somewhat embarassing, but maybe that’ll help me run faster!  🙂

It was 29 degrees when we finished our run.  Runners store, here I come for some more efficient layering!

Asics: 16 miles this week, 16 miles total for this pair.

HELP! Iv’e fallen and I can’t get up! December 7, 2006

Posted by Monica in Running.
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Yesterday I did my first run since Memorial Day! I ran/walked for almost 3 miles with my very experienced running partner! We did our stretches and we were on our way. I was tired out just from walking to the path from the parking lot. Things were not looking up for me.  Anyway, I managed to make it on most of the three miles and it felt GREAT. Great is not what I have been feeling today however. I am completley sore! Everywhere! Hips, thighs, shin splints, ankles, feet……..the list goes on and on. Honestly I felt better after giving birth. I don’t think I felt this much pain in the 36 hours of labor I had with my son! BUT, tomorrow I will be out there  to do it all over again!  26.2 Here I come! 🙂