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Regina’s new shoes November 20, 2006

Posted by RegiVizz in Running, Shoes.


They have 6 miles on them now…

They did quite well…my shin splints are no worse than when I ran the 6.

I would have liked my time to have been better, but I guess all in all it wasn’t too bad.  I must say, I ran my 5th mile with as good of a time as my first two miles!  (Mile 4 on the other hand was pretty slow…)



1. Rahim Rahman - November 20, 2006

ooohhh… Purdy! Have you been icing your shin splints?

2. Damon - November 20, 2006

nice looking shoes! my feet would never, ever, ever fit into them things. Nike makes shoes for people with thin feet!

whatd’ja pay for em?

oh brag away about your milage. but my run FROM the mailbox was even BETTER than the one TO the mailbox.

so there.

3. RegiVizz - November 20, 2006

Rahim – I haven’t been icing them… shame on me!
Damon – $100 and I should be way beyond the 6 mile mark!

4. denmark98 - November 22, 2006

asics are the way to go!!! Actually, it is only becuase I have wide feet that the Asics are my shoe and I have had so many pairs in a row that I don’t even try them on anymore!

How is training going? I have run 4 marathons they are great fun!

Good luck, come visit…


5. nordictwin - November 22, 2006

Nice kicks! Great new site…new shoes and music? No stopping you now!

6. noelryan - December 3, 2006

Hmmm – I’ve read that these style Nikes don’t give great stability, and all the cushioning in the heel makes the ball of the foot more prone to damage. Did you have your gait checked by a professional shoe store before you got these shoes?

7. RegiVizz - December 4, 2006

NoelRyan…stability didn’t seem to be the issue but they sure did hurt my feet. I got some new Asics so my feet are happy now!

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