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New Shoes Please? November 17, 2006

Posted by Damon in Shoes.

I am looking for some new running shoes.  Some nice ones.  Currently I’m using some cheap ones I bought to get things started, but I’m realizing the value of some good, comfy and LIGHT shoes.


I have a foot that is near wide as it is long.  I know that New Balance shoes have variable widths, and have had success with their shoes in the past….

Any other suggestions?



1. RegiVizz - November 17, 2006

Hmmm….I love my Rykas because the toe box is a lot wider than most girls shoes. But…I think (even if you could get yourself to wear girl shoes) they might be too narrow in the rest of the foot for you!

2. Dave Fravel - November 17, 2006

My foot is also wide. I’ve had a lot of luck with Asics. I’ve also worn Mizunos but find that they wear out faster – especially in the fore-foot.

My best recommendation would be to go to a specialty shop and talk to the sales people there. They’ll be able to look @ your foot, maybe even put you on a treadmill and watch how you run.

I used to buy the shoes that either looked cool or were on sale. It wasn’t until I met up w/ a bunch of runners (one of whom owns a shoe store) that I started to understand more about motion control vs. neutral vs. neutral cushioned.

Good luck!

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