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Fun little run November 29, 2006

Posted by RegiVizz in Running.

Fun: no pain!

Little: 4 miles

Run: 40 degrees, brisk north wind and rain 

Nikes: 4 miles today (this MORNING!),  17 miles total


It’s a downward spiral November 28, 2006

Posted by RegiVizz in Motivation, Running.

I didn’t run yesterday because I was getting ready for company coming in.  I’m not running tonight because I’ve got a Christmas event to attend.  Wednesday’s are out because of Bible study.  Thursday I may be packing to spend the weekend down in Texas.  The weekend….maybe I’ll have time to run.   To top it off, my foot is still really bothering me and so I want to get a new pair of shoes before another run. 

I somehow can’t find the motivation to run in the mornings but I’ve GOT to get my miles in if I’m going to be ready for this marathon!  Suggestions?  Motivation?  HELP! 

The Holidays November 27, 2006

Posted by RegiVizz in Running, Shoes.
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Groan.  You would think that having 4 days of vacation would help, not hinder the running!  Unfortunately, the top of my left foot is still giving me fits so I skipped my normal Thursday run and just did a short little one on Saturday morning.  After eating a ton for Thanksgiving I felt so much better after my run.  Amazingly better!

I guess I’m going to have to give up on this new pair of shoes and find another pair since I think they are to blame for my foot hurting.    😦 

Nikes: 3 miles last run, 13 miles total

Where the wind comes sweeping down the plain November 22, 2006

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A rough run last night.  The wind was a blowin’ as it does here in Oklahoma often.  Rushing headlong from the south, so my first two miles were slow.  I’m having some trouble with my left foot hurting at the top where it meets the ankle.  I may have to use Thanksgiving as an excuse to baby it a bit, but in all likelihood, I’ll be running on Thursday morning and Saturday morning as usual.  I may go make friends with Austin’s trails (when Greg and I ran then New Years we got LOST…so very lost) on Saturday for my long run.  My aunt and uncle’s drive is about a half-mile, and running that 14 times just does not sound appealing!

Nikes: 4 miles last run, 10 miles total

Marathon possiblities November 21, 2006

Posted by RegiVizz in Running.

Option 1: Little Rock Marathon, March 4th, 2007 

Option 2: Big D Texas Marathon, April 1st, 2007

Option 3: Hogeye Marathon, April 1st, 2007

Option 4: OKC Memorial Marathon, April 29th, 2007

Any suggestions?  Comment?

Motivation November 21, 2006

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Awaking with the same headache I went to sleep with, and a lovely knee pain, I’m having a hard time feeling motivated to leave work early and go run.  I asked my best friend to go for just a walk with me this evening, but as I expected, she declined.  But I do have this nifty little MP3 player that someone kindly gave me…that shall be my motivation today!   That and putting more mileage on my new shoes!

Run on!

Regina’s new shoes November 20, 2006

Posted by RegiVizz in Running, Shoes.


They have 6 miles on them now… (more…)

New Shoes Please? November 17, 2006

Posted by Damon in Shoes.

I am looking for some new running shoes.  Some nice ones.  Currently I’m using some cheap ones I bought to get things started, but I’m realizing the value of some good, comfy and LIGHT shoes.


I have a foot that is near wide as it is long.  I know that New Balance shoes have variable widths, and have had success with their shoes in the past….

Any other suggestions?

Music November 17, 2006

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Fitness is one of the magazines I subscribe to.  Yes…it’s a womens magazine so you guys probably don’t want a subscription. 

But….it does have a link to workout playlists!  Don’t know if y’all would be interested in some suggestions to pump up the run, but I sure need it!

A difficult three miles November 17, 2006

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Last night I headed out of work early (4ish) and ran at the lake.  It’s still too wet on my dirt trails.

I ran 3 miles without stopping to walk at all…for which I’m happy.  It took me 9 minutes and 15 seconds to run the first mile.  Nine and 28 to run the third.  I’m sooooo slow.  And my shins hurt.  Badly.

Figuring that shoes need to be replaced every 350 miles or so, that’s probably my problem.  I’ve done about 500 in this pair. 

Planning on a long run Sunday.  Saturday will be fairly busy.  Don’t know yet how far it will be.